Bean Poles

doravecJune 12, 2013

Hey everybody, this is my second year gardening and I'm almost certain that this year I am going to be eating everything that I will grow. Most of last year's crops were landing on the garden bed and ended up in my compost pile, which I'm not entirely upset about since they are passing on their nutrients to this year...

This last weekend I put up a pole bean trellis. Take a look and let me know what you think! Thanks.

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seysonn(8a WA/HZ 1)

should work. IMO. you could make it with just two poles instead of four. beans just need something to cling on and climb up.

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Beans aren't picky...they'll just climb!

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catherinet(5 IN)

If a bunch of them grow up the trellis, I fear it might pull it down. Are your sticks in the ground much? You're probably protected from the wind pretty well there with your privacy fence, right?

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A problem I've has with wide trellis systems is missing out on harvesting some beans. So if you can't see them and they don't get picked then production slows down if not stops altogether.

Your system will work just fine just make sure you don't miss out harvesting beans that have a way of hiding especially near the ground.

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flora_uk(SW UK 8/9)

The trellis looks OK in design and might be fine as you only appear to have 3 beans growing. But it depends on your weather and the number of plants. In my garden that would blow over pretty soon once loaded with lush wet bean vines. I use 7 - 8 foot bamboos or hazel poles at least 8 inches in the ground. Each plant gets its own pole. Even then the trellis is leaning pretty drunkenly by October. But I am growing scarlet runners, not Phaseolus vulgaris. Using the same number of green poles (6) you could do teepees for more plants which, imo, would be far more stable.

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I actually have set up two tripods in this picture. They are set into the ground a good 6-10 inches and tied firmly together at the tops. I was testing it out by "hanging" on the top cross-string with a good amount of force and it seemed to settle well and not give into too much force.

This is my first year using a trellis for beans, and beans in general. We'll see how it works. :)

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You may find out you might have to go higher. Several of my pole beans get 12 to 14 foot vines in an average year.

My poles (4 pole teepees) are 11' tall, sunk about 1 foot into the ground, for an overall height of 10 feet. In a good year the beans climb to the top and almost all the way down, ~ 20 feet.


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