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msmisk(NTX8)September 12, 2009

I've gone completely off the deep end. I was inspired by the most amazing gardens that I saw on a rose tour, with her roses surrounded by iris, poppies and larkspur. Later I saw the same garden when the daylilies were blooming, and now I'm on a mission to add iris and daylilies to my beds.

I've gone from 5 iris to over 75 named and 30 or more unnamed varieties. Today I went to the iris society sale at Northhaven Gardens in Dallas and added Angelic Wings, Sheba's Flame, Cantina, Amplified and Candy Apple Classic to my collection. Also, from Northhaven I purchased Dusky Challenger, Monaco, Wild Jasmine, Gay Parasol, Pink Horizon and Hemstitched.

Here are a couple of my unnameds when they bloomed this spring.

href="¤t=2461.jpg" target="_blank">

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stunning I hope you have lots of room when for when the iris start producing on you. I have several acres and I,m always trying to find more space for the iris.

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madeyna, I have 3 big beds that I'm going to fill up first. Looking around today, I see lots of spots where I can stick them. And we're on 5 acres, so if I have to, the grass will go !!


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iris_gal(z9 CA)

Your orchid-lavender is a beauty!

Most beardeds bloom before most roses here, but that is still my favorite combination. Did you take pictures on the tour? Would love to see them.

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hosenemesis(SoCal Sunset 19 USDA 8b)

I love that golden and white one with the orange beard.
Do you have any other photos? I'm a sucker for iris photos.

I just planted Looky Loo, Phoebe's Frolic, and Mexican Holiday next to a Henry Fonda rose with two clumps of Southern Patriot daylily. A few white vincas and some cosmos "Bright Lights" and it should look pretty all year.

I'm still looking for a good spot for Spin-Off, which I had to dig out to make room for the burgundy and gold flowers.

I'm thinking about more roses too...

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I'm thinking about less roses because they are too hard to interplant with unless you choose just the right varieties and they work in your zone. Plus the Jap beetles have soured me on roses so I'm only keeping a few.

That apricot iris is beautiful, other one is, too, actually. I've seen some like that but there are so many now that are similar. Still someone may know what they are.

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The lady at the nursery said a customer brought her a big load of divisions from her extensive collection, and she potted them up to sell, but had no idea what the names were.

I know what you mean about the roses. Some of mine do well with very little care, and others struggle no matter what I do. I have 5 roses right now that aren't looking good, and they are going away. And all of a sudden my rabbits are pillaging a different spot every night. They don't seem to eat the rose leaves, they just leave them in a pile on the ground. I'm not going to have much left if they keep this up.

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carlos42180(Z5 Chicago)

Your first NoID might be CHAMPAGNE WALTZ.

Good luck,
Brighton Park Iris

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Thanks, Carlos. It sure looks alot like it, doesn't it ?

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