ID Short Red Asians and first Mrs. R. O. Backhouse

aliska12000(Z5)June 13, 2008

Two people near me are growing them. Does anybody know what they are? I was going to photograph 2 high terraces 6 blocks away where they had bad mudslides spilling out onto the sidewalk and one blocking part of the street, whole terraces a total gaping mess, a real shame, and never saw anything like it here before. Anyway, I spotted these pretty lilies, again on the bottom tier of a high terrace, the various levels were shored up tiers of railroad ties.

Maybe they aren't Asians, just know they aren't daylilies.

This one would be nice to grow because it doesn't get tall enough to lean.

The second is my Mrs. R. O. Backhouse. I'm a little disappointed with the smallish bloom, expected it to be larger. It's my first season with her, and she should get a little taller. At best, I expect more blooms but no increase in bloom size. I do love the color of the blooms and buds.

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The first one might be Asiatic 'Crimson Pixie'.

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By george, I think you nailed it! Bless you. My photo has more buds, but I can call around locally first. These people around here usually buy at the big box places, not always.

Thank you!!! I did try to google myself and got nowhere with it.

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