rejuvenating cowpeas

Zinia(z7NC)July 30, 2008


Tonight, I read an earlier post regarding pruning "spent" green bean vines, then fertilizing them and being able to get another crop of beans.

Could this work for cowpeas, as well? Has anyone on here actually rejuvenated their cowpeas by pruning them?

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Yes, Bill P (a.ka. gonefishin), who passed away this year, used to do it all the time. He'd cut them back and they'd sprout back again, going into flower all over again.


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shebear(z8 NCentralTex)

It must work.......the rabbits did the pruning and they're blooming again.

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Thanks for the responses. So sorry to learn about Bill P. We have had to use Deer Repellent(by Bonide, I think). I guess we could just drop back and let the deer do the pruning.
As far as I know, none of the farmers in our area have pruned beans. People tend to plant their bush beans early Spring. My dad occasionally planted a crop for the Fall. By this time in the summer, the beans were canned and our chores changed. We can't depend on adequate rainfall most years except when we occasionally have a wet summer.
My mother who is 93 never heard of pruning beans, but she said it made sense.

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Yes, I've cut mine down and some of them (that were'nt too far gone to start with) grew back.
What type of fertilizer are you talking about?
Too much nitrogen = few peas.

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Years ago I remember reading in a gardening magazine (most likely Organic Gardening or National Gardening) that you could set your mower on it highest setting and cut your beans and peas. Then fertilize them and they would produce a second crop. Never tried it however. Just something that's stuck in my head all these years.

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I have had peas to rejuvenate after being pruned by deer. I have a brother in law that plants clay peas and something else( I think its brown top millet) for summer hay and after he cuts it it regrows and he usually gets two to three cuttings depending on rain.(none again this year). But I see no need to prune, with water and heat the vines will put out again on there own I would think a little low Nitrogen fertilizer would help.. Peas I have planted in early May have made three crops here in South Carolina and those planted in June two and late peas in early Aug one. Peas are a crop that saved the south from starvation after the Civil war. They will produce a crop in dry hard clay without amemdments and if giving good water and a little low nitrogen fertilizer along with intense heat and humidity they will fill your freezer. Peas are one of my favorite legumes. I have around 70 varieties of seed in my collection.Rodger

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