Iris bed - how to keep out weeds, herbs etc?

vettin(z6b Northern VA)September 5, 2010

An iris bed inherited with the house has an invasive weed/herb, tall grass etc growing in it. Any recommendations for keeping this bed iris only? Weeding only seems to be encouraging the weeds to come back faster . I believe I had read that mulch is not good for Iris. Any suggestions please?

Thank you.

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aquawise(zone 4 Utah)

I use "grass Getter" to kill the grass and a pre-emergent for the annual weeds. For the tuff weeds I use a paint brush and just brush weed killer on them, being careful to not get any on the Iris fans. So far I have been winning the battle. I have now added Daylilies to the Iris bed. The weeds are almost gone. I will add some preen soon so next spring the weeds will sprout but not grow up. Extreme problems require extreme measures to get the job done.

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If its super bad you might want to lift all of the iris and kill off all the weeds with chemicals then put the iris back . I had to do that with neibors iris bed last year and it worked well. But there was so much grass in it that we really had to dig to even find the iris. Its kind of late to be replanting in some areas of the country this year so I like the idea of painting on the weed killer but I have not tried it. Mayby if you cut the weeds down to about 4 inchs then painted it on there would be less chance of the wind kicking up and blowing the newly chem. painted weed up agains the iris fan. Then use something like preen know and again in the spring to help kill any merging seeds those weeds might already have spread.

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aquawise(zone 4 Utah)

The "Grass Getter" does not kill any other plants. Amazing stuff. Grass can be a real bugger to get rid of. This stuff got the grass and did not harm another plant. I was a non believer at first but I am a believer now. The weeds are a pain but can be pulled and prevented, But Grass "YUK" a royal pain. Cutting the weeds back is a good Idea as well. Good luck.

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Hi All:
Say you were going to build a new raised bed (out of that trex decking composite) for your rhizomes. What would the experts say is the best way to do it? Put a screen and weed block sheet at the bottom of the box? What soil/compost/fertilizer mixture would you use? etc., etc.

I plan to do this in a couple weeks and just thought I'd throw this question out there to see what others have done.
Thanks in advance!

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