Mystery Beans

christie_sw_mo(Z6)July 28, 2009

I'm hoping you can help me identify some dry bean seeds by decription.

They were large and looked like Scarlet Runner Bean seeds but they were black and white.

Is it impossible to tell without a photo?

They were in a pint mason jar at a flea market and I was just curious what they were. I didn't buy them but I'd be tempted to go back if they might be something unusual.

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Well - they were only $3.00 for jar full of beans so I bought them. In better light, they don't really look black. They're mottled dark maroonish brown and creamy white.
I was kind of hoping they were some kind of Scarlet Runner Bean that I don't already have, but I think they might be Christmas Limas.
: ( I don't like limas. lol
I'll plant a few next spring anyway to see what they do.

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If they're kind of flat, then I bet you are correct. When they are fresh, and not darkened with age, they are gorgeous.

Tahlequah, OK

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They darken with age? These were in a flea market so they are likely old. lol I wouldn't eat them but I bet they'll still germinate.
I don't mind the taste of limas but they have a dryish texture that I don't like. Maybe I just need to find a good recipe to change my mind.
The beans are large and the glass jar they were in has one of those flip top lids so they make a nice decoration if nothing else. I have them sitting on a shelf in my kitchen. : )

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