Indoor-Only Hibiscus: Need Light Advice

SusannahSBJuly 14, 2013

Hi all,

Last week I bought a gorgeous potted hibiscus and brought it home to my small NYC apartment.

I get a 2-3 hours of direct sunlight per day in south-facing windows. (The low amount of direct light is due to the tall buildings that tend to block the light as the sun moves.)

The hibiscus is clearly in distress, dropping leaves and looking very peaked. I was planning to get some kind of artificial light for the winter but now it seems I'll need it year-round.

Any advice? Since I rent, I can't get any kind of light that needs special wiring, etc.

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Here , someone is growing them under fluorescent lights

I don't know what you mean by special wiring but fluorescent light fixtures usually come with your regular power cord that you plug into the wall outlet.

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Thank you! That's really helpful. I can't rig up such a large light in my space but I suppose a smaller fluorescent bulb would be worth trying. Do you think a CFL (compact fluorescent) would work?

(By special wiring I meant something like metal halide lamps, which I think require special voltage or something? Electric stuff = not my strong suit!)

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My pleasure :) There are different sizes of fluorescent lamps 2 feet and 3 feet. CFL would work too, just make sure that you get a reflector so the light goes down on plants and not the ceiling.There are reflectors that you could buy or you could try to make it yourself. The wattage of the bulb you need to get will depend on the size of your plant. The bigger the plant the bigger bulb you will need.

here is an example of a CFL light fixture with a reflector

and here is an example of full spectrum CFLs that you could use for your plant. Just make sure that you either go with 5000k or 6500k prefferably 5000k since it puts out more red light which will help your plant flower.

Please remember that these bulbs must be mounted horizontally. If you hang them straight down they might over heat their ballast and catch on fire.

You could try to go with the 42 watt bulb but I see that these plants grow bigger so I would go with at least 85watt .

If you have anymore questions just let me know

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Thank you for the advice and links! I'll let you know how it goes.

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You're welcome ! :)

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