How tall will stargazer be?

socksJune 7, 2007

My stargazer bulbs have not arrived yet, but I'm planning where to plant them.

How tall will stargazer be?

I hope they come with directions...but in case not, how far apart can the bulbs be planted? I know the depth should be 8-10".

Thank you.

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Stargazers are beautiful lilies. Usual planting depth is 6" (pointy tip of bulb 6" below surface) and 9-12" apart, or just slightly closer if you want a massed look. Soil should drain well and be in a sunny to dappled or partly shaded location. Here in zone 4, they'll take a full sun location since our conditions are no doubt less intense than in the higher zones.

Stargazers do multiply for me - not as fast as the Asiatics do though, but I'll eventually have to dig and separate them.

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Stargazers will get 36" - 48" tall. So far I haven't had to stake them, stems are quite sturdy.

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36-48! Wow, I'm glad I asked because that's taller than I thought. Is there an up or down to the bulbs? Or they figure it out no however they go in?

Thanks for your replies.

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When you get and look at your bulbs, it'll be obvious which end is the top - Google the images for lily bulbs and you'll get an idea of what to expect. Once they finish blooming and you're left with stalks, it's nice to have something planted in front of them. In one place, I've got them scattered with ferns, another place with balloon flowers, daylilies and tall garden phlox and some with nepeta, Veronica, and some sedum.

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