Optimum lumens and time for 5 citrus plants

callisto744July 9, 2013

Hi, I'm pretty new to gardening and growing under lights. I recently got a 6 bulb 4 foot grow light. You can either have 2, 4, or 6 of the lights on at a time. They are ~54 watts each and each output ~5000 lumens.

I currently have 5 citrus trees. Only one of them has any buds on it, and actually has probably about 50. It has one golf ball sized lemon and a new one just started forming today. This one is a meyer lemon tree. I have a persian lime tree and another meyer that are the same size with no buds. These three trees are about a foot to a foot and a half tall. I also have two small trees, another meyer and persian lime. They are maybe half a foot to a foot tall. I also have small Arabica and Musa under these lights. They are probably half a foot each.

I'm trying to get the best results. How long should I leave the lights on daily and how many lights?

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Light requirements might be different for each of these plants so Google "lemon tree light requierments " for example and find out how much time do they need in the outdoor environment. And as far as how many lights you need , someone told me that 40-50watts per square foot of growing area is good so in your case with 6 bulbs on you should be fine having 2x4 feet growing area. As your plants get taller you're probably will need to ad some more lights on the sides of the plants to provide some light for the lower foliage .

Overall I think that you just have experiment and see what light duration and intensity you need because no one can honestly tell you what's proper. There is only one sun so it's easy to tell how intense it is. With growllights there are many factors, some brands are better than others, type of reflectors you have in your fixture, growing with reflective walls or tent and how close you keep the lights to the plant.

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