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organic_farmer_bob(8)July 28, 2007

I thought I would share this piece of information with you all. As part of my shopping around for some supplementary light I discovered this site. They stated this on there site...

"At 125 watts, the electricity needed for Hydrofarm Compact Fluorescent Plant Grow Lights is roughly the same as a standard incandescent reading lamp. "

Now I wondered if they had some sort of power saving ballast or...something, though I found this to be a strange claim since HD seems to stock reading lamps that are rate to 60 or 75 watts MAX and frankly the idea that someone would sit on a sofa with a 150w incandescent bulb 3-5" from there shoulder seemed...ify. When I asked for clarification on this, this was the response I received...

"Thank you for your email. In an informal poll conducted amongst our employees, we found that most of us use either a 100 or 150 watt incandescent bulb for reading purposes, hence our middle of the road description."

I personally think that clarifying their reading habits was a little flippant. Extremely uninformative and well I think you get the jist.

Anyway I figure for those who are shopping around this gives you an idea of the customer service, or lack there of, you can expect from this company...

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nygardener(z6 New York)

I've had good experiences with them, though they sometimes need to be prodded to ship promptly. Home Harvest was originally a Maryland company and were bought out a couple of years ago by a shipper in the Midwest. I'm sorry they didn't take your question seriously, but wouldn't necessarily write them off.

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i don't find their response or the reference to the informal poll about reading light flippant at all. they were just providing the baseline info used to make the statement.

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watergal(z6/7 Westminster, MD)

I was saddened when they moved away from Maryland - I had enjoyed visiting their showroom.

I like a good bright reading lamp - usually 150 watts as close to my shoulder as practical. Have been known to use a 50-200-250 watt three way bulb for reading and liked it just fine.

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paplantgrower(Zone 6)

just as no two plants are the same, neither are people... i too use a 150 light bulb for reading purposes, although i admit i don't keep it 3 to 5 inches from my shoulder. i didn't find the response flippant, and in fact agree with the previous poster that at least they attempted to provide a comparison. and as for their lack of customer service, at least they replied to your email... I have had many more requests for information go unanswered by garden companies than have been answered. what homeharvest does have is a selection of gardening products unmatched by few.

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