Landini lily short-lived?

raee_gwJune 13, 2011


I planted a Landini lily (which I was absolutely in love with) and a MonteNegro lily at the same time, 3 or 4 years ago. Both are asiatics, I believe, and both were (are) in a raised bed mulched with chopped leaves in the fall.

Well the Montenegro is still growing strong, and has reproduced -- but this year there is absolutely no sign of the Landini. It was even in the best-draining area of the bed. I am in mourning, and wondering what happened to it. Are Landini lilies known to be short lived? Are they super particular about anything -- but it sure seemed to be happy the first couple of years, including last. I have had a hard time growing asiatics in other parts of the yard, though. Orienpets thrive however.

I haven't dug down into the bed, not wanting to disturb other plants that I have there. Although, come to think of it, there are one or two other things in that section that should be up by now but are MIA. ???


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I planted several sets of these in groups of three and and five. They are 4 yrs and 3yrs old. Only problem I had was color fade with two groups that got too much hot sun at bloom time. They seem very hardy--here anyway.

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Agreed, Landini is short lived and Monte Negro goes on forever. I think my current Landini is about 3 years old, but it seems to be struggling.

Try Dimension--it's fabulously black but won't even last one year! :(

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Landini did not return for me either (two attempts).
Annual here!!!

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Last year I planted 5 Landini Bulbs, all came up with one stem. 2nd year- it's May, and it looks like I'll have close to 20. Looks like at the very least standard growth for Asiatics in my garden.

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