where to put a light cart?

madabouteu(8A - central Alabama)July 26, 2009

I grow a bunch of succulents, especially Aloe, Haworthia and Madagascan Euphorbias. Last year, I rigged up an area with shop lights to give them some fairly intense light, and they did pretty well. However, today I got a huge light cart from someone who no longer grows African Violets. It's home-made and not the prettiest thing I have ever seen, but I love it!

The problem - I have two spots to put it. One place is near an exterior wall, where it will get morning light until about 11 AM, but being near some full length windows (nearly to the floor) it will also be in a cooler spot. The other spot is an interior wall, dark but warmer.

Last year, I had the plants on the fireplace hearth (inoperative). Despite the room being unheated, the Madagascan plants, which drop their leaves at 45F, did just fine. I am leaning toward placing the cart by the windows, but would like to hear from others that may have had a similar choice of locations.

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taz6122(N.W. AR.6b)

I would suggest the windows also. Some sun is better than none and if the temperature near the window will stay warm enough not to cause any damage you are good to go.

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