Had lilies growing/now some spots are bare

phylrae(z5a/centralNYS)June 23, 2007

I had groupings of speciosum rubrum, orientals and asiatics last year in a raised bed. They bloomed really well for their first year. I don't see any disease or anything, but wonder why there are some spots that look barren now....nothing coming up in a few places. If anything, I would think there would possibly be some INCREASE, not decrease! The bulbs were all initially soaked or sprayed with ROPEL to keep animals from gnawing on them. Any ideas? I was careful not to use a lot of high nitrogen fertilizer because I was aware of it promoting rot.

Thanks! :0) Phyl

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Nancy zone 6

Did you get that late heavy frost that came in our area? Many, many of my lilies have not shown up, or they were up a bit & faded after the frost. It seemed like even if they were not up, they were affected. Some came up, but didn't bloom.Even my huge clump of tigers have been hit hard. I'm hoping that I didn't lose them completely.

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Ngraham is probably right. I had a few that didn't show up either. But another thing to consider is this: Did you give them some bone meal so they could grow bigger bulbs for the following year? If you don't feed them, they eventually get depleted. (unless you have very rich soil).


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