New Lily may have root rot

Angelica11June 16, 2014

So, I went to a hardware store/nursery and bought a couple of lilies (dwarf asiatics) that seemed healthy. They weren't the best quality, but I assumed with a little TLC, they would spring back to normal pretty fast. I got two dwarf asiatic hybrids. One of them is thriving, all the blooms are open and vibrant and the leaves are glossy and healthy. I wish I could say the same for the other one... The other one I got was maybe 30 cm tall, almost double the size of my other two. When I was planting it, the roots were slightly mouldy, but not black and rotten, so I didn't suspect root rot right there. I got them about a week ago. Then, when I looked at it closer, I noticed the buds were rotten and... not normal..... I pulled them off, along with some yellow leaves, and left the plant. The tips of some of the flower petals are blackened. I immediately thought of overwatering, so I haven't watered that one since I got it, and I picked off all of the buds/leaves that went bad, but I'm wondering if there is anything else I can do to help this poor plant...?

UPDATE: I haven't watered it since I got it. Should I water it now? The leaves are turning yellow at the base of the stem and I tear those ones off. Should I be doing this?

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buyorsell888(Zone 8 Portland OR)

Lilies are bulbs. They grow up and bloom then die back. Then do it again next year if garden conditions are favorable. IF they have yellowing leaves in a pot at a nursery they don't grow new fresh leaves to replace them with TLC. It isn't their life cycle to keep growing leaves. Some yellowing at the bottom is normal after they finish blooming. Yellow or rotted buds are from poor care at the store but they won't grow new ones. You'll have to wait for next year.

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Stop tearing off the yellowing leaves - if the bulb itself is okay and not mushy and rotten, it'll need the leaves (even if yellowing) and stem to replenish the bulb for next season's growth. But be prepared for having a bad bulb there.

Don't water - that'll really exacerbate any present rot. In the fall when the leaves are done yellowing and the stem is brown and woody, you might dig the bulb up and inspect it. If okay, just replant and hope for the best next year.

In my travels today, I saw lots of the dwarf "Pixies" and "Tinys" in full bloom for sale. At that stage, a purchaser will get to enjoy them for a pretty short time before they're bloomed out and start their normal decline.

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Thank you. I'll stop pulling off the yellow leaves. Before I saw the posts, I watered it a little, since I haven't watered it for two weeks now, and was feeling a little worried it wasn't getting enough water. I only gave it half of what I normally give my lilies, since the soil was really dry. I wasn't expecting my plant to grow new buds, but I just didn't want it to die lol. I'll check the bulb later this year, hoping for the best, and preparing for the worst lol. The store did treat their lilies quite poorly, and this one was one of the best, though it seems to be doing poorly.

How long should I stay away from watering it? It's still pretty green and glossy on the leaves that aren't yellow (there's like 85% green)

It might also be overcrowding. There was three lilies in that tiny plastic store-plant-pot thing. I planted them in a much bigger pot now.

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It won't hurt it to dig the bulb and check it again to make sure there is no rot there. If rot is present, then I would remove it.

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