Most prolific okra variety for Zone 9

LuckyDurazno(9)July 22, 2014

I live in Modesto California, I'm in Zone 9 and have been trying to grow okra, but the varieties I have produce very few pods. Is there a good variety for my Zone, we have hot summer and cold winter. I have tried star of David and it did not do good for me. I read that Pentagreen Okra might do good here, but have not been able to find seeds for sale online. does anyone know any prolific okra varieties for this area? Thanks!

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Cowhorn - gets up to 15 feet tall, highly productive, tender pods
Pentagreen - Moderately tall plants, highly productive, pick every other day for tender pods
Granny Franklin - moderately tall, highly productive, multi-use, fried, pickled, stuffed, etc.
Evertender - skimpy foliage, slim stalks, good production
Jing Orange - Best of the red/orange colored okras, very productive

Of the above, the most versatile and productive in my climate is Granny Franklin. Evertender is good if you only want to fry okra, but is a bit finicky about climate, it likes it hot. Cowhorn is arguably the most productive, but gets very tall in the garden. I've picked up to 200 pods per plant from Cowhorn. Pentagreen will produce a heavy crop, but IMO, is not as stress tolerant as would be desired. I would still try Pentagreen and see what it does for you, but would hedge my bets by planting at least one other variety.

A lot of folks will recommend Clemson Spineless. IMO, you can do a lot better with any of the above. Sandhill is a good seed source.

Sandhill Okra

Here is a pic of my Cowhorn from a few years ago. I am 6'2" tall and held the camera at arms length above my head. The pic is at an angle up a plant that was about 12 feet tall at the time. You can see 22 pods of okra going up the stalk.

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Okra will tolerate almost any heat if it has enough water. It will not produce good pods in 115 degree temps but will stay alive and start producing when it cools off.
It needs to stay moist and likes fertilizer. Mine has done better in the clay than in my raised beds due to damper soil. I've even grown it against the south wall of my house in Phoenix where hardly anything can live.
I've done well with several types. I love the flavor of red okra and it's so pretty.

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