Iris in North Florida

njiris(z 5 NJ)September 4, 2009

Does anyone know if bearded iris will survive in the Northern part of Florida (the Panhandle region) which is really kind of temperate...the same zone as Southern Alabama and Mississippi.

I know they do not grow in the central part of Florida with has a different climate.

I do not live there, but my partner wants to move there and I do not think my iris will do well.

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I have family in south Alabama--in a county which borders FL. My grandmother was an avid gardener, and I'm sure she had TB irises. It is cold enough in the winter for them to bloom there. I would assume in north FL as well. Someone here probably knows for sure.

Mike SC

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I'll let you know next spring. I'm trying iris for the first time in my Panhandle gardens based on the positive experience of a neighbor. So far, so good. I planted 10 about two weeks ago and have growth on all of them, once I corrected my initial error of planting them too deeply. When in doubt, read the instructions, I guess! I thought they had all rotted in the ground (very heavy rain here lately) but when I went back and lifted the rhizomes above ground and replanted, I was so excited to see that all were alive and wanted to grow!

I have 22 others to get in the ground this weekend. All are bearded iris. I also planted some Dutch iris bulbs. So I'm jumping into this big-time, it seems. :-)

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