lily seedling/cross???

piegirl(z5NELin)June 12, 2005

Last fall I divided one of my lily patches. The 2 are Casa Rosa and Lilliam Regale. The CR has spread like crazy with seedlings - several seedlings are the plain old orange, rather loose petaled but one is spectacular - a frosty lemon/lime with about 20 buds per stock, the inter part of the petal is slightly white. I know for certain that I did not plant this as a new bulb so it has to be some type of seedling, the stock are very sturdy. She looks so much sturdy than the others (winter and spring with very little moisture or snow cover). There is one other clump of lilies in the patch that I didn't move. They changed color from a lovely coppery to an dark orange with darker orange tips. It could be a seedling from this one. But the bulbs were casa rosa type and regale - very easy to tell apart and no other ones were found. But as sturdy as these stocks are, I don't recall seeing bulbs that were overly large, etc. No fragrance. Any thoughts? It most certainly is keeper. Piegirl

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pardalinum(z8 PNW)

Yes, I have a thought. I think I want to get me some Casa Rosa and see what kind of seedlings I can get!

Casa Rosa has complex genetics, it being a hybrid of an Asiatic and Lilium longiflorum (Easter Lily). Most lilies are self-sterile, meaning they can't pollenate themselves. So the question is, who is the daddy? Probably a combination of all the other lilies you have and of course the real culprits were the bees. Depending on the genetics, some lily bulbs grow big very fast. In particular, I notice that trumpet lilies do this. I had fist sized bulbs the second year from seed! Sounds like this particular lily is especially vigorous. A 20 bud count is really good.The lack of fragrance could be a throw back to its Asiatic roots. Incidentally, are the blooms similar to Easter lily in shape?

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Par - thank you for the response. No the flowers are more asiatic and both regale and CR are more trumpet shaped. I am going to check again for fragrance. But it is spectacular in color and bud count. What do you think would happen if I move it? Piegirl

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pardalinum(z8 PNW)

If I were you, and since the lily is "precious", I would wait till fall, when the stem dies back. Whatever your usual fall planting time is prior to your hard frosts. If you have to move it now, take as much soil around the rootball as you can. The main problem with moving it now is that it will no longer be secured in the ground by its root system. Just curious, how tall is it?

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I'd like to get bulbs via a trade or else purchase. Please contact me at

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