Yellowing asiatic liliy leaves

luckycongo(6a/b)June 22, 2008

My mom's asiatic daylily has yellow baby/newer leaves with slight brown edges. Anyone know what is causing this and how to solve the problem. Other lilies in the garden doesn't have this problem, only the asiatic lilies. This spring has given us more rain then usual and cooler temperatures.


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hostaholic2 z 4, MN

Since no one else has jumped in with an answer, I'll take a stab. First, just to clarify: none of the plants shown are day lilies (hemerocallis). The lily in question appears to me to be an oriental lily, not an asiatic. I don't know where you live (always helpful to include that info) or what your soil type is. From the picture it APPEARS to be iron chlorosis, lack of iron.There are foliar sprays you can use. Oriental lilies prefer an acidic soil in order to take up iron from the soil. They are much touchier than asiatics . If your soil is alkaline and you want to grow orientals you may have to do some soil amending. You can work peat moss into the soil and add soil sulphur to change the ph. One note, don't use to much peat moss as that can keep to much moisture around the bulb. Good luck. You might want to go to the website for the North American Lily Society, they have good information on growing lilies.

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flora2b(z6a bc)

Here is some info on lilium diseases that may help:

Stem canker causes cankers at the base of the stem. The roots decay as the disease progresses.

Chlorosis may be due to iron deficiency or overwatering.

Manganese and aluminum salts sometimes cause leaf scorch. One half inch of the leaf tips yellow then turn brown. Adding lime will reduce the browning.

Bud blast, is the drying up and failure of flower buds to open. Possible causes are root injury, cold soil, high temperatures during cloudy weather, and excessive shading.

The lower leaves drop if the plant receives insufficient light.

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linnea56(z5 IL)

Funny, I have a couple of oriental lilies that look just like that. I have been wondering and here is someone else with the same issue. Only in one spot, maybe 4 altogether. Even a foot away other orientals (and asiatics too) are fine. I remember these same lilies also looking yellow last year too. What could affect such a small part of the garden? It was all amended at the same time and in the same way. We used peat (among other things) when first amending it 4 years ago but not since: have used purchased compost as top-dressing every year since then. (ArenÂt coffee grounds acidic? If so, maybe I should start putting them in the lilies instead of in with the hostas.)

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mgmb(z5 Madison WI)

Hi, I would like to share a tip - props to Peter?? who gave me the suggestion on this forum - use epsom salts. Sprinkle around the top of the soil or dissolve in water and water the plant and soil. Walgreens has epsom salts in big bags that suggest the amount to use. It worked like a charm on my yellowing leaves (chlorosis), because I have mine in pretty alkaline soil, and my lilies are bigger than ever this year. Good luck!!

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I have Oriental Lilies, and its the flowers that the edges are turning brown. I live in Oklahoma City and it has been in the 100's but some are like coming out that way or immediatley doing so. And some are already falling apart, and they just came out this week. Pleases help. I was hoping to enjoy them at least two weeks not two days.

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