Massive runner bean seeds, and planting question

ashita(10a)July 19, 2013

These are massive runner bean seeds from Japan. I was hoping they would turn out to be the Insuk ones everyone talks about, but perhaps not. They are 1 and 3/8 inches long!

And a question about planting now. Tokyo average max temps are
July 85,
Aug 91,
Sep 80,
Oct 70,
Nov 61,
although we do get much hotter days in July and August, sometimes about 100.

Is it possible to get another crop? Is it too hot now to plant the seeds?

Any ideas gratefully received,


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Hello Ashita. That is very large for a fresh shelly bean and huge for dry seeds.

How long does it take to produce a crop of these? When do you expect your first frost? - Dick

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They are dry seeds, Dick! And I have no idea how long it takes! I bought these in a grocery store. These ones are grown in Japan, but I also found them on a Japanese website, but from China. According to the packet they are grown in the cooler areas of the country.

I am in central Tokyo and we don't really have much frost! December is still quite warm.Outside the city they do, in January I think.

I am hoping to get a crop of beans this year (my garden is very small, and perhaps crop is wishful thinking). I planted too late this spring, and the weather got too hot, and I only got about two servings of green beans. I don't really mind what variety I grow!


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I would assume 120 days to dry seed and would try planting them 4 months before possible frost. - Dick

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Runner beans are from the highlands of Mexico. They are adapted to a cool long season temperate climate. They don't do well above about 85 degrees. In my experience, the larger the beans, the longer they take to mature. I would suggest 5 months (150 days) as a safe number for planning on a crop.

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150 days makes sense. So if you planted them soon they would be blossoming in cooler weather.

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