Will this do the job?

DorfkrugAugust 25, 2013


We are about to build some hydroponics systems for the following:

Cherry tomatoes
Beans (long green ones)
Peppers (like )

Some of these plants may be in a grow tent if necessary, but not all of them.

Will these lights work? These would be the only light source.

Many thanks,


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no. u need grow lights, that you can get on amazon for very good price. something like this will do the trick

Here is a link that might be useful: amazon link to 400w grow system lighting

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Oh OK, thanks a lot.

Just wondering - what is actually the main difference between grow lights and regular lights like the one I posted?

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Overdrive....Great info ..I've never grown from seed before but want to give it a go, I saw the grow light system that you recommended on Amazon. Can you give me an idea of the area this light will cover. I'm wondering how many plants I can start in 4" pots. Thanks I might even like to keep a few dwarf tomatoes growing over the winter. Oh and btw is it expensive to run?

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Xtal(z8b Temple. TX)

I've got a question that might sound foolish, Dorfkrug.

But, what if you got a heavy blue film to put between the light and the plants. Wouldn't that work?

I posed the same question under: Fluorescent Lighting. I'm just hoping that someone answers my question, too.


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