beans and bulbs in pots

etsavir(z6 MA)July 8, 2010

I've moved from having a big garden to a condo with none and I am trying to grow herbs and beans in pots by a sunny window. The beans are growing more slowly and less flowering than outside but I think it willwork out. Now I would like to plant daffodil bulbs in the same pots when the beans are finished in the autumn, put the pots outside to get some cold weather, put them in the basement for Jan-Feb when I am afaid that the pots will freeze outside in Boston, and them up to the sunny window when shoots appear. Will this work? Is it too warm in the apartment for bulbs to flower? Could I plant beans again on tp of the bulbs? Any suggestions will be appreciated.

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linda_schreiber(z5/6 MI)

Bulbs planted in fall, and given a little cold treatment, should be just fine. People "force" all kinds of bulbs indoors in the winter, in just this way.

You might want to search on 'forcing bulbs'.... You might be able to get more 'garden pleasure' with less work. There are bulbs you can stick in the fridge for a few weeks, or the freezer, depending on species You plant them late winter/early spring in a pot and water them, and they will come up and bloom happily in your sunny window.

And yes, you can plant other things in the pots with the bulbs. The bulb flowers are going by as the other things are starting up.

If you can get beans to flower at all inside in a sunny window, you're doing really good!! You might want to also look around for things that are 'cool weather' but fast-growing veggies, like maybe snap peas or some kind of spinach or malabar spinach, that might work in that apparently-really-sunny-window (grin).

And if you have a place to put 'pots outside to get some cold weather', and can maybe put a couple of pots outside in the warmer weather, you have lots of options for gardening in pots.

I truly understand the gardening lust in this kind of move. Beans are probably not the best thing to try to grow indoors if you really want yield, but for me, if I can plant beans, and peas, and maybe a pot of some sort of tomato, then .... It's a garden. If I only got a dozen beans from the plant, well, it would still be a garden. Makes good sense to me. (warm grin).

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I plant beans around the plant in the peripheral area in a circular fashon around inside the pot.Planting this way your bulbs will look good in the center whenever they flower.

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