my albomarginata has no albomarginata

bkay2000(8a TX)June 6, 2012

A couple of years ago, I had a problem with rot on my albomarginata. I cleaned it up and repotted it in 2 pots. It's filled both pots and looks healthy, except it seems to have lost most of it's white edge. Is it possible to get it back? If so, how?


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Babka NorCal 9b

It loses the white edge in Summer, and with your heat, Summer follows Spring by a day or so, right? Perhaps you missed it? Haha. The other undulata turns all green pretty quickly too. Got one of those?


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bkay2000(8a TX)

You're right. One day it's spring. The next day, it's summer and summer and summer and then it's winter. That's Texas.

It always had a white edge before the rot. It has a faint edge on some leaves now, but it's faint. Before the rot, it looked like this:

I checked, the rot was April 2011. The edges were green when it had the rot problem. It hasn't regained it's white edge.


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BKAy, did not know this thread was on the forum. The Undulata albomarginata that I potted up (from the ground) up north in fall of 2011 had its white margins at that time. But as new growth came, the new leaves had NO MARGIN.

Well, I read somewhere, and probably it was the MYHOSTAS>BE which said that when this hosta is potted, it sometimes loses its white margins.

So I was looking for the thread where I'd asked about what happened to the margins, found your thread for the same subject, and will post it here.

Your experience with losing the margin makes me think they are right about it just not adapting entirely to containers. If I were going to put an expendable hosta in the ground, it might be this one anyway. Except I don't want DH to lose the plant he nurtured for 50 years.....he lived in that house for that long, and populated gardens throughout the town with divisions from his Undulata albomarginatas.

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bkay2000(8a TX)

They do fine in pots. Mine is probably 20 years old. I divided it when it had the southern something rot. It always had white edges before that problem and it's getting them back now. (Sorry today's photo is so abbreviated, but all my big or old hosta are scrunched up to protect them from Cleo.) I read somewhere it would lose it's white with stress.





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I rather like them scrunched up, BKAy. Very full.

Yes, I see that last picture has managed to get more leaves with white margins. It is a nice hosta which has served gardeners well for many years, just become a familiar face when people are looking for new styles. Makes a nice mounding plant. And masses of blooms which last a long time.

Right now, my U. albomarginata is like the second photo, all green, maybe a hint of white beginning on a couple of leaves. I'll give it some liquid MiracleGro and put it in the shade and see what happens. Maybe it is ready for a bigger container.

Thanks for sharing your history with this hosta.Our weather is very similar to yours.

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