Bush beans

animaldrjJuly 8, 2011

My bush beans are very "short" this year (the actual beans, not the plants) and I am wondering if it is a soil problem. They are in a raised bed, get adequate watering and have been fertilized with homemade compost. We do have extremely hot summers (100+) and the leaves do appear to have many yellow leaves with holes...any ideas?


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how often are you watering.
did you use inoculant when you planted the seeds.

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Due to the hot dry weather we have had, they get watered everyday. I usually don't water every day, but it has been AWFUL! I did not use inoculant and have never had to in the past. The beans are EZ pick variety...

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gardencraze(9b Groveland FL.)

At the risk of sounding dumb...What is "inoculant"?
I am planting beans now becuz of our hot summer mine do better in the winter here "zone 9" Orlando FL

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Have you grown beans before in the same bed and gotten good results? If so, maybe it's not the soil. It could be the heat, which affects viability of pollen, and could result in fewer beans being set. My fava beans are much shorter than last year too, some pods only have one bean instead of several. You could be watering too much, too. Every day sounds like it might be too much. Maybe you could let them dry out till they begin to wilt, then water again. Or use mulch.

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