Anyone know what lily this is?

xray328June 21, 2007

Hi all. Noob here. We planted this a few years ago, and it keeps coming back. The rest of the lilies we planted got eaten by the bunnies. This one has a really thick stalk, and grows to about five feet. We'd like to get more of this height, maybe in different colors? Anyone know what lily this is? Do they usually get this tall? Again, what other lilies will match the performance of this? Thanks!

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Your link doesn't work.

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hld6(z7 MD)

Hi xray,

Your link worked for me.

It looks like an LA (Longiflorum - Asiatic) of some sort. Most of them will have the same characteristics as your plant, thick stems and up to 5 feet tall, (though "pixie lilies" are quite short). Orientals and Longiflorum-Orientals also generally have strong stems (especially once established). The arrangement of the flowers on the stem is different than in LA's and the LO bloom has a more trumpet shape. The LO's may be shorter but some range up to 5'. Orientals are normally 4'-5' tall and bloom later than now (mid July - August).

However, no lily is "bunny proof" (sorry!) though it looks like this one of yours got lucky.

Hope this helps.


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