Keith Keppel - Rainbow High

organic_kitten(8)September 3, 2009

Someone wrote about Keith Keppel and his introductions and actually posted some photos. I would liek to thank you for doing that.

I, of course immediately had to have Rainbow High and found two others I really likes too. Not knowing how much any of them were, I sent him a check and asked him to send whatever it would buy and told him in what order I would like them.

Lo and behold, he sent all three!!! how generous is that? And the rhizomes were so clean and nice. I am really impressed and have found a few more that need to be groen here, I'm sure of it.


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He is great! You should request a catalog.

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Were you the one who posted the pictures? He very kindly sent me a catalog along with the very generous order.

Doesn't he have some beauties though?

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All iris are addictive, Keppel iris even more so.
Sure, it starts with getting a few extras and before you know it you are hooked, first seeing next years catalog and then seeing the amazing blooms. Photos never do them justice. Before you know it you are cutting down your neighbors trees in the night and tilling your lawn.

Joking aside, Keith Keppel is extremely nice and his iris are among the best. You are very lucky.

(note: I have not yet cut down the trees, but did till the lawn)


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Yes, that was me. I believe that there are three 2009 intros at that link (RH, Adriatic Waves, and Bolshoi).


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Thanks so much, I have noted Bolshoi in the catalog - plus a couple more that I NEED.

Elladan and Mike. I noticed that I could look at Schreiner's on-line catalog and see iris and think hmmm that lookd like a Keith Keppel and most of the time I was right! Hiw funny is that?

You know that I bought and planted and became addicted last year for the first time after coming on this forum.

This year required a new bed, and another 60 or so iris...I have had it I think. thankl you for all the help on this forum.

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