Growing potatoes indoors

CaraRoseAugust 9, 2013

Anyone ever grow potatoes indoors under lights? Thinking about trying this as a winter project.

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I've seen only one video of a guy who tried this

..but wasn't successful probably because didn't have enough light and fed too much nitrogen. But in the video comments someone said that they tried it as well and got 20 potatoes :) so I guess it's possible if you do it right

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Potatoes aren't as picky about the light source. Just make sure they get 6 hours a day. Take care of heat exchange, particularity when using grow lights.

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I am going to try this in October, once the outdoor garden is done. Winters are long and boring here, so why not?! I just need to find some seed. I will either have to order online or buy an organic potato at my co-op because nothing available at my local store. They stop selling seed potatoes around May. I can't wait to see what happens :). Even if it doesn't succeed, it will be a fun experiment!

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