I planted few Stargazers and Casablanca bulbs..only few sprouted.

mac_girl_81(10 - ENCINO, CA)June 4, 2006

I digged and checked other bulbs, they seemed to be okay, but i dont know why they dont sprout. I keep them inside the ground though...dont know what what to do with them. ANy advises? Thanks

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hld6(z7 MD)

Hi Mac Girl,

How long have they been in the ground? Your earlier post asking about planting them was only dated May 31. Be patient, as long as the bulbs were in reasonabley good condition they should grow fine. Keep them watered but don't drown them. If they are in a sunny spot they'll come up faster than in a (cooler) shady garden.

I recently bought some end of season sale lilies from Brent and Beckys on May 22. I bought Speciosum Album and Scheherezade. The bulbs were plump and moist but didn't have a lot of roots. I was more surprised when the Album came up in just a few days, then by the Scheherezade which is just starting to come up now after a couple weeks. I normally expect to wait at least a few weeks for lily bulbs to emerge. (But then I've never bought bulbs in the late spring before.)

Be careful poking around checking their progress. (I can't resist doing that either! ) :)


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mac_girl_81(10 - ENCINO, CA)

hehehee, its like having a puppy lol:) I've been checking on them.

Let's say if it has been more than one month and the bulbs dont sprout, is that mean that the bulbs are bad??

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No your bulbs are not bad. Sometimes it takes some of the bulbs longer to come up. Some will come up smaller this year & then next year be full size. It all depends on the bulb but it is coming so just wait for it. If you need to do something while you wait work in a little bonemeal or bulb food around the base of the bulb. It is hard to wait I know!

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