Help with t5HOs for pineapple and cacti

sawh1343August 30, 2013

So I have an already existing garden of cacti, succulents, a pineapple plant and some other common foliage house plants that previously received lots of natural light. I have moved into a home with absolutely no natural light D: fortunately for me I am also a coral propagating extraordinaire so for those who have dabbled in that world know I have more than enough lights laying around. I have never grown a normal plant under t5HOs before but I know that corals absorb the same spectrums of light having the same chlorophyll pigments so I assume my coral lights will suffice seeing as though they are top of the line in the coral world. (As far as t5HOs go many people argue LED but I love my t5 it has proven so well) right now I have had them under only a 54 watt ATI aqua blue (white/day color temp of 15,000k) and a 54 watt ATI blue plus (really deep crips blue basically all 400-500nm it's intense blue) for maybe an hour at a time and then leaving them under normal house bulbs just acclimate to the new light. I was thinking that I'd bump it to an hour and a half in a few days and 2 hours a few days after etc until it is up to 8 hours. Once at 8 hours I wanted to add another blue plus and then a purple plus (more reds and purples with a little yellow and green) with the same acclimation cycle. I also have the option of adding another two bulbs possible more blue and another purple? ? What are your thoughts on this? Should i do anything different or will this work for me? Do you think cacti and the pineapple need different requirements for light?

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