banana plant lighting

kevinlc1August 3, 2008

I have a new banana plant. I live in NYC and lighting in the winter is not so great, I'm not sure if an incandescent or florescent grow light is best or what wattage is sufficent. Also I just repotted the banana plant in a 9" pot without a draining hole only to learn they prefer draining, but I put a little over an inch of rock bedding in the Pot. Will this be OK?

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first of all, you will have to repot to a container that has drainage holes in it for the long term health of the plant. even though bananas love water too much water in winter will rot the corm. Water sparingly during wintertime. second, I am assuming you just want the plant to survive the winter. It will probably survive with a couple of 75W or 100W flood lights pointed down on the tree. good luck.

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Thanks for the advice. I'll definately make the change. Are you familiar with the Mass Cane plant and it's likes.

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watergal(z6/7 Westminster, MD)

Mass cane also likes good drainage and to get fairly dry on top before being watered again. Can handle bright light to fairly low light. One of my favorite indoor plants, actually, especially where something tall and not too wide is needed.

How tall is your banana, and does it summer outdoors or is it indoors all year?

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Hi, you need about 2500 lumens per square foot as a general rule to keep a plants happy. Incandescent light is poor for growing, you need some other kind of light: look in Amazon for an HPS security light, they're cheap. Otherwise use a shoplight or two, depending on how big is the plant. Sativa.

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