Iris's Have Reverted to all Blue

elaine3(6)September 19, 2008

My mother has grown Iris's with great luck until the past year.

She had about 20 different colors and this year they all came up blue.

The only thing that she did different was this year she put some Epsom Salts on them. No weed killer or pest poisons does she use. She is a totally organic person when it comes to her plants.

They are all grown with a spacing of about 3 feet between the different colors. She divides them before they even think about becoming crowded.

Can anyone posiably tell me what could have happened before she tears them up and tosses them to the roadside? Is there a way to bring back the original colors that they were or do you feel as though they are lost. In all honesty I do not remember a blue of any kind in her collection.

Thank you all well in advance for any help you can give me to pass on to my mother as her flower beds are her joy and this is not something she needs in her later years.


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randy_ca(z10 Southern Ca)

Iris do not revert or change color.
Might what to read the FAQ for some answers.

Here is a link that might be useful: My purple iris turned white! Why did my irises change color?

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berrytea4me(Z5 CO)

Epsom salts is magnesium. It is common ingredient in fertilizers and won't completely change a plant's flower color though it can help the plant absorb other minerals that sometimes might intensify some colors or slightly modify tones.

As stated above, iris can't completely change color. They can, very rarely, grow a "sport" rhizome of a different color.

It is more likely that some rhizomes of a blue color iris were intermixed with the others, that the blue did not bloom previously but that is the only one that bloomed this year.

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