Eating lily buds and stems. What can i do to stop critters?

kmonkey(7a)July 20, 2014

I have many different kinds of lilies. I have asiatic lilies that seem to get eaten by a critter. These are large lily bulbs that were marketed as "lily tree" - i moved to new house that is near a lot of critters. I doubt it is deer based on location of plants. (I took a lot of my favorite plants with me before i moved) How can i stop this?
I also noticed that something has "dead-headed" all of my shasta daisies, coneflowers, asiatic lilies and something is digging around the roots of my daylilies as well. Whatever it is also ate through one of my shrub roots and killed the entire shrub that has been there 15 years.

I believe there is a groundhog burrowing tunnels throughout my front and backyard. I called the trapper but he is backed up by almost 3 weeks. He suggested putting out juicy fruit gum but all the gum is gone or has ants crawling all over but the damage was done again last night. I noticed many new "holes" dug next to coneflower and daylily plants.

I read that i can try to put out rags soaked in ammonia or crush garlic around plants but how do i get the groundhog to move?!


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You could try a product like Critter Ridder to see if it is some type of animal. Otherwise, for something just eating buds maybe a dust like Sevin.

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I know the rabbits in my area devestated my lilies, german iris and are now after some of my shubbery like the french broom I just planted. Tried rabbit-b-gone and other scent repellants but they are too desperate to let that deter them. I have to put screen material around them about 2' high and plant in gopher wire baskets to even try to get something to grow.

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buy some live traps from your local hardware store, visit farmers market or your friends and ask where is the best place to deliver your furry friends after you trap them. you need to go at least 20 miles from your home or they will make it back.

to get rid of our ground-hog infestation under the porch we resorted to some drastic measures. put some lye around and down their little holes to chase them out. have not seen any since

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