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jardinerowaJuly 2, 2010

Hello all,

So I'm in the desert southwest where it's been 100-110 lately and I recently started bush beans outside. (I know I know, it's too hot). Some are in peat pots and others thrown in good dirt. They all of course sprouted and gave their first true leaves. I can see the next true leaves as little "nubs" but they don't grow. None of them GROW. They aren't sick looking or dying, they just are halted. I also started eggplant and they are progressing fine. I'm not sure what the problem is. I was thinking the ones in the peat pot need more root room so I was going to transplant them to a large container, but that doesn't explain why the beans in the ground aren't progressing either. Any ideas?

I was told beans and eggplants (especially the latter) can do well in hot weather and so am trying these out.

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About two weeks later and I after planted all the beans in containers, they still have essentially sat there and done nothing. They are trying to grow their next set of true leaves but they aren't growing fast enough. Because of their slowness to grow, I've lost some to birds already. I have them in little sun in the morning so they don't fry in the 110 degree weather. I know beans like hot weather. I have seen no pests.

In the backyard, my eggplant seedlings have taken off in the same heat. Had a problem with whiteflies but my attempts to take care of them are paying off.


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There might be a few things slowing down your been progress. Most beans like warm weather, but 110 degrees is HOT! Some Asian beans might fair well in it, but other beans start to protest when it's 95 degrees outside give or take.

Also beans don't like to have their roots disturbed.

The white flies you can just spray away with water.

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