No bloom on these ever! Can you help...

mtshasta_sis(06 N CA)September 3, 2008

Hi I have not participated in a long time but I really value this web site and recommend it.

Out of over 400 TBI's For me, I mean never in 4, 5 or 6 years.....No bloom. (Northern Ca, Mountain 3700 ele. snows, but not that cold or for very long.)

Minasoda Mixed up Kid, (Your comment about it inspired me to write.)

Baboon Bottom

O So Very

Summer Time Beauty

Desert Passion

Spring Pleasure

English Cottage, only 2 years old

High Master

Abstract Art

Manhatten Hattie

Is there a connection among these I have no knowledge of. I do not have success with Niswonger's usually but Sunkist Delight is a fabulous favorite of mine and blooms well. Any thoughts I would appreciate. What about a winter mulch on ones I hate to eleminate, or bloom food?

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iris_gal(z9 CA)

So of the 400 these are the only failure-to-bloom?

Are they planted besides ones that do bloom?

The only one I've had is Baboon Bottom and it died its second year with no bloom ~~ luckily no others in that bed behaved like it did.

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Try moving them to a different part of your garden. Sometimes just relocating them 20' away can make all the difference for some irises - a different microclimate, a little root disturbance - might be all it takes to trigger bloom.

Don't move English Cottage, though. If it's only been in place 2 yrs, give it another year or two to bloom where it is.

You can also find a whole list of potential causes of non-bloom in the FAQs (link at top of forum page).


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berrytea4me(Z5 CO)

I don't have any experience with those you've listed. My only experiences with no bloom were caused by:
a) planted too deep or rhizomes covered by other plants
b) not enough water (we have perpetual drought here so MUST supplement water)
c) planted in extremely poor soil (as in gravel, sand, or clay without any organic loam for them to get nutrients)
d)too crowded and need division

I agree with Laurie. Take a very close look at the micro-climate conditions where they are planted now and see if they may need a better location in your garden.

If all the conditions look perfect, try giving them a little epsom salts (magnesium). It doesn't take much. I make a homemade liquid fertiler with ammonia, beer & epsom salts. It takes just 1c of epsom salts per quart and then you dilute that to 2 Tbs per gallon of water when using it.

Magnesium is a catalyst for many plant functions. If there is a deficiency sometimes plants just need a little of it to kick start bloom or growth.

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mtshasta_sis(06 N CA)

Thank you for responding. They are from all over my garden so the ones next to them do bloom. One or two I have moved not others, no real success. Lots to think about here anyway. I read about the Epsom salts mixture (beer if I can get my HD to let me have some :) etc.)and I will try it this spring, sounds very interesting. Has anyone had trouble with it?
I don't lift my iris as often as I could, but I have this year over hauled 2 beds, what a huge amount of work, I hired it done. First time in 6 years for those gardens. Yes I am behind and they have also not bloomed this past year and not much the year before, so it is true. Lift, enrich, trim, replant, keep damp until growing begins, after the 4th year of bloom in my area would be best.
Sincerely Sis from Mt. Shasta CA.

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