Early pole snap beans in the PNW.

drloydJuly 28, 2014

Here are some pole beans that produce snaps earlier than some others here south of Seattle.

Anellino Giallo 8/21/12 yellow snaps (not started in pots). 8/13/13 yellow snaps.
Aunt Jeans 8/25/13 first mess of filling beans (not started in pots). 7/26/14 first mess of these (started in pots 5/1).
Bosnian Pole 8/25/12 loaded with snaps. They were late in cold summers.
Brita's Footlong 8/13/11 first snaps in spite of very cold summer. 8/10/12 9 inch snaps.
Emerite 8/6/11 good mess of snaps in spite of very cold summer. 8/8/12 first snaps. 7/18/13 first snaps.
Fortex 8/13/11 good mess of snaps in spite of very cold summer. 8/7/12 first mess of snaps.
Kwintus 8/13/11 8 inch snaps in spite of very cold summer. 8/10/12 7 inch snaps.
North Carolina Speckled Long Greasy Cutshort 8/17/13 some are starting to fill. (They take a long time to dry.)
Tennessee Cutshort 8/26/11 many full pods in spite of very cold summer. 8/18/12 many are plump.
Uzice Speckled Wax 8/15/11 first mess of snaps in spite of very cold summer.

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aftermidnight Zone7b B.C. Canada

Dick, you are ahead of me this year, A couple of mine aren't even flowering yet probably due to that little heat wave we went through but if we have a decent fall I should manage to get seed.

We've been eating Purple Italian Marconi Stringless and Mr. Tung's, have a few others at the edible stage (Grandpa Gerono's pink seed, turned out to be a wax bean), (Grandma Roberts Purple Pole,) (Selma Zebra) and (Royal City Cannery) but only have 3 or 4 plants in, they are designated for seed.

The others are chugging along, a few more beans forming on the Andean/Ecuador vines and the new scarlet runner 'Aeron Purple Star' from Wales is starting to pop, lots of beans forming on the 4 plants I have in, apparently our little heat wave didn't bother them a bit. I'm going to grow this one in earnest next year.

I direct seeded Woods Mountain Crazy beans in a little raised bed where I have a rosemary bush, these guys took off and now look like a small jungle I can see what people are saying about having to look under the leaves for the flowers and beans, it looks like a solid mat of leaves looking down on them.

All told I now have 4 different (patterned seed coats) Andean beans growing in the greenhouse, only one is flowering so far, I'm hoping that if some of these are day length sensitive, being in the greenhouse when the days get shorter they'll flower and produce a few beans. I can give them a bit of heat at night if needed, time will tell :).


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That was a composite of 4 years. Most varieties do not have blossoms yet, It seems unlikely that I will catch up to your results unless I convert my greenhouses over to bean patches! - Dick

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aftermidnight Zone7b B.C. Canada

Heck, I should have looked at your dates LOL. The only beans I have in the greenhouse now are the Andean and a few BJBB's all the rest are out in the garden. The Little White Rice, Comtesse de Chambord, and Dutchesse de Chambord grown in the greenhouse are finished and seed collected, along with the Crystal Wax/Ice and Little White Ice (twining bush) grown in a tub outside on the patio, these were started in the greenhouse and moved outside.
The one disappointment is the Little White Ice, bought as a pole bean has turned out to be another twining bush but the seed is a little different in shape to the other one with the same name.

No flowers on the Barksdale yet, hoping for a decent fall, if we don't get one seed will be iffy this year. Still my favorite wax to date.
I will sneak a couple of Grandpa Gerono's for a taste, the pods are flat and not quite as long as Barksdale and just a tad lighter in color.

I think you've grown Berta Talaska, how is it as a snap bean and have you eaten it as a full bean? First time growing this one.


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Here in Oklahoma we are starting into grasshopper problems, again, for the second year in a row. But we have had more rain and cooler temps than I have seen, having moved here in 2005. My Barksdale is looking pretty good, and it's in a garden where grasshoppers are a little less of a problem.

I have a nice size, albeit somewhat late, planting of Woods Mountain Crazy bean. They are looking very good and I expect to have snaps in about two weeks. Interestingly, the grasshoppers don't appear to be very attracted to Woods Mountain Crazy bean. They do love my Tennessee Cutshort and Frank Barnett Cutshort. I've planted Frank Barnett Cutshort three times (16' of them) and have all of five plants, which are really struggling. The grasshoppers keep cutting them down.

I hope to be in Seattle in August. Dick how far are you from Seattle?

Tahlequah, OK

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I am also growing Barksdale and hope to save seed. Should be some flowers soon. My most reliable wax bean and a very fine full bean is Anellino Giallo.

George, we are about 50 minutes south of Seattle Tacoma Airport. I would love to see you. - Dick

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