Best Skylight Options for Growing Plants

TT, zone 5b MAAugust 5, 2006

Hi all-

I am adding a skylight to my sunroom where I grow tropical and subtropical bonsai in the fall/winter season (outdoors in the late spring/summer) as well as overwinter some succulents.

As I consider my options for this skylight, is there anything I should be thinking about? For example, I have read some of the literature out there about skylight glass that filters out a large percentage of UV rays (so that your furniture doesn't fade) but I am not sure I would want that for a straight out plant growing situation such as mine.

Any advice out there?



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Hello Tom,

Plants really don't need UV light to grow well. If you don't need a UV filter then I would not have one on the skylights. My concern would be how much visible light the filter is also blocking out. That's what I would concentrate on.

I hope this helps,


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