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magickcrafterAugust 24, 2008

Hello.. I have a unique question/problem.. I live in an apartment but my buddy has land to plant... I have a small space and want to hook up a couple lights in an old entertainment center to start plants from seeds.. tomatoes, veg, moonflowers etc for spring planting... I have a cheap grow lightstick from lights of america that i got from Wallmart for 10 bucks that works well under the kitchen cabinet... would it work if i put a reg florecent lightstick and a grow lightstick in the ceiling of the entertainement center... any ideas on cheap lights to grow some indoor plants... please advise... thsnks

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For starting plants, flourescent light work fine, but there is no way that it's going to do you any good from the ceiling! You're going to have to get the seadlings about 2" from the tube or else, they'll be way too laggy and will sunburn to a nice pale bleached white once you transplant them outside.

What the length and wattage of this lightstick that you're using? Will the plants be getting any natural light from any windows? If not, you'll want to aim for about 20 watts per square foot of coverage. Of course, more is better too!

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okay... so any strong florescent will do... I am using light sticks because you can mount them in the small space at the top of an entertainment center.... I heard i could also put mirrors in there an i'll have to have the plant on boxes or shelves./...

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