Defunct bargain bulbs?

crazyforcorelli(z5 utah)July 10, 2009

A few weeks ago, I planted 27 bulbs from purchased at a local nursery: 9 Yellow Electric (Asiatic hybrid), 9 Tiger Yellow (Tiger lily), and 9 Double Fata Morgana (double lily). These were distributed by VanBloem Gardens, and they came prepackaged in sets of 3 bulbs of a single variety.

Eight of the Tiger Yellows have emerged, as have 6 of the Double Fata Morganas. At least two of the former variety have flower buds developing. It was clear that many of these bulbs had already sprouted before planting.

In contrast, none of the Yellow Electrics had sprouted before planting, and not a single one has emerged from the ground.

I know I was late planting the bulbs, but I couldn't resist the 75% off price tag. Undoubtedly this will impact their performance this year.

What I'm wondering is whether those that haven't sprouted will do anything next year. I keep seeing lots of yellow lilies blooming in the local garden shops, and I'm tempted to replace my inactive Yellow Electrics.

Any thoughts?



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Last year I planted some that were already sprouted and then the deer feasted on them and they never came back. This year they came up and bloomed. I wouldn't count them out yet. I recently bought some 1/2 price from Brent and Becky's and more from Hallen's and all of them have come up and most of them have loads of bulbs and aren't but about a foot high. Some aren't even that tall. I can't wait for them to bloom.
Good luck.

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