Mottled bean leaf disease?

emcd124(5)July 12, 2012

About two weeks ago I noticed that the bottom leaves on both my purple podded pole and my scarlet runner had this weird sort of red yellow mottling on them. I cut them off, solarized, and threw them in my trash. Today I noticed one of the other tiny lower leaves also looks diseased, this time I wised up and took a picture. I'm sorry the picture is small and blurry, but I'm hoping one of you legume-gurus can ID it for me and suggest what I should do to treat it, if possible.

Thanks for all your help! I dont know how my garden would survive without you all!

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hard to tell but it looks like bacterial brown spot. do you have pictures of both sides of a bigger leaf?

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could also be a halo blight but does not look like a virus.

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