Indoor Habanero

msholland23August 10, 2014

I have a few Red Caribbean Habanero plants that I want to bring indoors for the winter and at the minimum keep alive but I would prefer to have them continue growing. I am very new to growing peppers and see all different types of advice on lighting for them. I currently have 2 CFL's(1500 lumens, 6500K temp, 23 Watt) above them with a 65 watt incandescent lamp in middle to provide some heat and additional light. They stay on for about 14 hours a day. The soil is great, they have been thriving all summer in it. Can anyone share their successful lighting experiences with me? I can post pictures if it helps. Thanks

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I would love to see a pic. I would love to know what kind of CFL's you are using and how they are set up. Thanks for the post.

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