Sunlight vs 24 hour fluorescent

reagle916August 14, 2014

So I've read lots of posts that sunlight is best for growing but you can buy and use grow lights too as another option.

So I'm trying to grow a snake plant larger so I can put it in my office to add some life. I recently bought it and it was pretty small (only two shoots and maybe 8" tall). Right now my only goal is to try to get it to grow bigger.

Right now I have it pretty close to a south facing window in my house. My office has no natural light but my company is a three shift operation so the lights are on 24 hours a day, 5-6 days a week. I could also move the plant to my office right now, where it would sit almost right under a fixture of fluorescent lights. The fixture has 3 T8 bulbs, 4100K, 28W each, about 48" above where I would put the plant.

Question: Sunlight is supposedly the best but if I have access to free fluorescent light that's already on almost all the time, which one is likely to be the best for faster growth?

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I am an amateur when it comes to lights, but, when I have looked into fluorescent lighting for succulents and cacti, everyone suggests the fluorescents to be 6-10" above the top of the plants... so, I don't think it would be very effective. My snake plants grow in a low light corner of my room just fine, no direct. They grow pretty slow however.

I think you should keep it in the window, and maybe provide some supplemental light for the day. Then move it into the office.

Remember, every plant needs rest from light.

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