sources for growing vegetables under fluoro grow light/cfl

the_garden(z7 DE)August 20, 2005

hello everyone!

i welcome any suggestions on quality books for growing vegetables and other edibles under lights: fluoro grow lights and cfl's in particular. i've just ordered a book by bob henrichsen on indoor vegetable growing blindly, hoping it has good instructions for my particular lighting setup.

an experienced indoor vegetable growing forum member who is willing to befriend/penpal an excited and passionate amateur would also be a dream! thank you!

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jwmeyer(Z8 OR)

Welcome ! I grow indoors under a 400w ceramic metal halide. I grow toms and peppers right now but will branch out later in the season. The one book I purchased w/out knowing what I was getting, I was very disappointed in the inf. There are so many good web sites these days that you can probably pick up all the inf you need just by reading the forums and such. Sorry I couldn't be more help...

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the_garden(z7 DE)

this book, folks, is FANTASTIC!

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DanaNY(z6 Astoria, NY)

Hi, it seems like it covers a lot of interesting topics, but does it only deal with hydroponics? I'm growing tomatoes and lettuce under a CFL and shoplights. I'd like to try other veggies eventually, so I just ordered 2 books on growing vegetables, but neither are for indoor growing. I would've preferred one on indoor growing, but most are old, out of print, or there's very little info on them. I believe the one you ordered is from 1981 (yikes). I bet a lot has changed since then or there are more options today that aren't mentioned in the book. What do you think, still relevant, useful?

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the_garden(z7 DE)

yes yes yes! the hydroponic guides i've read are not nearly as geared towards the novice as this one. and it's also really excellent in regards to small setups which is where i'm coming from. it's '81 but dammit everything is still relevant even the terminology enough i can walk into the hardware store with a list and there is no problem. it is beautifully written, great instructions, doesn't make you feel like there are things you can't do but is realistic. amazing. pictures. of course it's not an anthology, you must have further information on proper care. but it is most definitely a welcoming approach to hydroculture. talks about using cut-in-half empty gallon milk jugs with a tube connected via fitting in a whole on the side near the bottom that runs into a quart-sized glass jar beneath. jar holds the nutrient solution which gets poured into the milk jug then drains back into the jar relocated below. medium is simply some pea gravel. one vegetable plant per jug. perfect for a shelf-lined windowsill i have. he talks only about growing under 4ft. fluoro shoplights. i'll let you know how an experiment with cfl's goes. peace, brothers.

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DanaNY(z6 Astoria, NY)

I'm not a hydroponics grower, but I suspected that's what the book was for. There's a hydroponics forum on this site which might be helpful to you. Good luck with your setup!

"peace, brothers."

LOL, you mean sister, I'm female. ;)

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ddensmore(z 7b/8a GA)

sounds like a good book...what is the title & who is the author? thanks.

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