Supplemental lighting for houseplants

henrikn(z4a-4b)August 25, 2012


Since our winters are long and dark here in Sweden, I am thinking that my house plants could use some supplemental lighting. My idea is to hang some fluorescent tubes by the windows, to provide extra light in combination with the little sunlight we do get.


- Is one 54W T5HO per window going to help at all, or is it too little to bother? Note that it's only for supplemental light, not the sole source of light. The plants have survived through previous winters.

- If I get one tube per window, which spectrum of light should I concentrate on? Warmer, colder? I'm somewhat confused when it comes to the wavelengths here. Many sources say blue is for vegetative growth, and red for flowering, although my plants aren't much of the flowering kind, but I still suppose both bands should be covered.

- If I get two tubes per window (this might be a bit unwieldy though, unless I can find a compact fixture, which is proving to be somewhat difficult), should I go for one warmer and one colder colored tube?

/ Henrik

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I tryed setting up one light in the corner of the room and it really is odd on the eyes and is not the best. You may find it not such a good idea to put a light in every window, they are more trouble then it is really worth.

Just trying to help you before you go out and buy lights. Now if you have a spare room then go ahead and fill it with lights and plants because the lights wont be hurting your eyes like they would if in the house.

I just grow low light house plants :) Peace lily keeps me busy They grow so fast even 5 feet away from the window! :)

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