Has anyone tried the lily collection at the Lily Garden?

burry(7 Maryland)July 21, 2008

Hi --

I love lilies, but haven't seen the wonderful varieties until this forum. I see the the Lily Garden has a collection that is supposed to give you the most blooms across the summer. I am really eager to try that in addition to the Orienpets. Has anyone tried that collection? If you have any other "you have to try this" for me, I would love to know (and I'll try it!). For the first time, deer haven't eaten the few that I have planted years ago so I've enjoyed them again. (I've been spraying with eggs and water consistently this year).

Thanks for any guidance you can give!

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Their "Season of Bloom" collection will vary as you won't know exactly what you'll be getting. Each collection they put together is going to be different, but selected to ensure that you have blooming lilies throughout the year.

I've grown CP Lilies for years and I've been thrilled with them each time they arrive. Bulbs are of very good quality and guaranteed to grow.

Here are some personal favorites in their catalog that I must say, "YOU MUST HAVE!"


Grand Cru
Yellow Whoppers
Black Out

Tiger Babies
Red Velvet
White Henryi
L. regale
All the Orienpets!!!

Rio Negro
L. speciousum

I hope this helps. There's an endless collection out there.


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You'll do fine with Judith's lilies from the Lily Garden.

But I would make sure that "Blakc Beauty" Oriental Trumpet is in your mix because it's always my last blooming lily, and besides, it's pretty and sturdy.

I don't htink that Judith offer LA lilies, but in my garden, they are first, they precede any Asiatic.

My earlie LA is "Club House" which blooms at the same time as late iris.

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burry(7 Maryland)

Thanks to both of you!

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I bought a lot of bulbs at The Lily Garden thru a co-op. This was the first year to see them bloom! If you want to see the blooms you can click the link at the bottom for 4 pages of lilies.

I took pictures of each as they bloomed with names and dates of blooms, and some comments. Keep in mind they should be taller with more blooms next year.
Of course there are fine pics at the lily garden website as well!

4 types were too small to bloom at all this year from an April planting. So next year hopefully!

A few bulbs died. Judith has offered to replace them this fall.

Hope this helps-


Here is a link that might be useful: all the lilies so far--

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