Corn plant and small spiral fluorescent bulbs

claudia_sandgrower(SC Zone 8)September 19, 2007

Hello! I'm new to the forum and have questions about the spiral fluorescents that many folks (including me) are using to replace their incandescent bulbs. I have a fairly dark house (we are surrounded by large trees) and am having problems with a corn plant that I think is suffering from a lack of light. Will placing the plant under one of these (I'm using 60W) help? If so, how many hours a day? Are these effective lights to use on other houseplants if lack of sunlight is a problem?

Also, if anyone reading this has any other ideas about why a the leaves of a corn plant would begin to turn yellow at the tips, then spread, then turn brown, (over-watering isn't the problem), I'd love to hear from you! (I hear that they like to be root-bound and this one is in a 16" pot, so it isn't... could that possibly be it??)

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ralleia(z5 Omaha, NE)

If the issue is low light, then a bright fluorescent will certainly help some, but for such a large plant I don't think it will be enough. I prefer to use one of those floor lamps that are used to treat seasonal affective disorder. They seem to throw bright light out there very well. And if I get "blue" in the winter, I can try to take in some light as well!

Where was the plant before it started to suffer? Was it moved from a brighter location?

Usually when my leaf tips turn brown it's low humidity, but that would be nearly impossible this season in SC. Is it too dry? Or are you watering with softened water?

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