Got some LED's but do I need more?

Newguy27September 17, 2013

I tried growing indoor last winter (4Lx4Wx6H box) but only had 2x60 watt blubs (incandescent) the tomato plants I had in there were tall and wimpy so I got some LED's this time I'm wonder if I need more?

3x10watt 3xred/2xblue LED's (one each side wall)
1x15 watt 2xred/blue/green (top adjustable height)

From what I've read 45 LED watt's is about 4.5x60 watt Incandescent equaling 270~ watts is this a good amount or should I add a bit more? Also should I go for another color (like white)?

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I messed up. So I should be look at Lumen instead of watts?

Based on
11xred - 792lm
7xblue - 259lm
1xgreen - 93lm
1xWhite- Unknown lm

So I've got around 1k lumen's? from what I've read I need 5-15k (minimum)? this doesn't seem right.

/edit they should be 3 watt led's so I got around 3k (3432+1xwhite led) lumen then? I need to double what I have? (I know I said 3x10watt (making them 5x2watt chips instead of 5x3watt in the first post their ether 10 or 15 watt can't remember/find paper work)

Because red/blue absorbs better should I factor that in?

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