Crazy about Rattlesnakes

RuthieG__TX(z8 TX)July 6, 2007

Rattlesnake beans...I love the taste/flavor of these beans and they are the most prolific bean I have ever planted...I went on vacation for a week and my neighbor picked my beans..or so she said...the night before I left I picked beans and put 4 packages in the freezer and we had some for supper...if my neighbor picked, I haven't a clue where..I came home and put 6 or 7 packages in the freezer and threw away more than I need to eat aged beans with as many as I have...but the rattlesnakes...just keep on keeping on...every day I pick beans...3 packages in the freezer yesterday and this morning my neighbor came up as I was headed inside and I these rattlesnakes...I love these beans.

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The interesting thing with Rattlesnake is, that they also do very well in central England, where it is so much cooler than in TX. Yet the beans don't seem to mind. They are extra early here and prolific.

Another bean that seems similarly adjusted to many different locations is the Cherokee Trail of Tears.

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Glad to hear this cos I have Rattlesnakes coming on too. But the most prolific bean I have is Neopolitan. 100% germination, fastest climber, first bloomer and first to set little pods, tho they haven't grown big enough to pick yet. At the top of the 6 foot poles they have fallen over and knotted like crazy trying to get to 10 feet or more.
Fastest, strongest and first to bloom bush bean was Purple Queen. Has nice purplish stems and violet purple flowers too.

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RuthieG__TX(z8 TX)

Tell me more about the neopolitan...Is it good eating as well as prolific?

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Ruthieg, I didn't think any beans had made it past the fat pine needle stage, but looked today (after two days of temps in the 90s following a hard rain) and the Neopolitan had some 3 to 5 inch, skinny little immature beans which I tried and they were sweet, with an almost floral aroma. The taste may change as they get older but so far they are really good. I bought the seed from Burpee, and there was no chlorosis as on the other Burpee seeds.

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fliptx(Houston 9)

Rattlesnake is on my list of beans to try next planting. I loved Fortex and Cornfield beans this time.

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Glad to here that about the Rattlesnakes. I received some of them through a SASE along with some Scarlet Runners. I'm going to plant them next year.
I just planted some McClasan yesterday for a late summer/fall crop.


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Think I'm going to withdraw my recommendation for Purple Queen bush. Found the first bean big enough to taste yesterday and it was succulent but entirely tasteless. Vigorous, fast, strong upright growth habit, pretty purple stems and beans and two toned violet flowers, sure, but dont grow it for flavor. Tho they might be good in a stew if they absorb other flavors when cooked.

The fastest and tastiest pole beans so far are the Neopolitan and the Goldfield.

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I first ate Rattlesnake beans at a family reunion last July, and begged my cousin to send me some seeds. We planted them this year and they are near pickin' stage. I can hardly wait to cook'm up. They are especially pretty hanging on the vine don't ya think?
Mary Ann

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RuthieG__TX(z8 TX)

Yes they are in it is so funny to see them when they do the curling around every vine in sight...I at first didn't make the connection on the Rattlesnake name because mine were all hanging so straight and looking normal and then about mid season when they got to the top of the wire, I would have to unwind them out from and around the vines...They are so prolific too.

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Oh.. how interesting about the twisting thing. Mine have not yet done that. (Too early picked or ??) We picked a few this evening and I'll cook 'em up on Monday to see how we like them. I'm thinking we might have some pretty tough ones/strings and all, and should probably pick in a more timely manner. When exactly do you pick? Straight and narrow with a purple speckle to them,or a darker green with more strings and puffed up beans or ???? with the unwindy thing going on?
Mary Ann

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RuthieG__TX(z8 TX)

I pick all my beans when they are young and tender....The color on mine is really just determined by the bean itself not the age...some of my beans have more color than others and some are really purple and then there are those with just a little color. I don't know what makes a bean try and twist but I have seen some really funny beans.

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My Rattlesnakes finally got big enough to taste and Ruthieg you are right, they are delicious! Sweet and tender, with a nice almost floral aftertaste like the Neopolitans, but slightly different. Haven't found any curled ones yet, will look again for that this afternoon.

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chad_la(z7 TX)

your neighbor may have indeed picked them for you, we were gone four days after picking our vines totally clean and had a huge crop to pick when we returned. as far as curling, the only ones weve noticed that really curled were the ones buried inside the vines. the pods hanging free and clear were quite straight. we picked for about four weeks and they slowed down to the point i pulled them up, re-twinned my trellis, and planted some more. that was last sunday and they are three inches tall already. i dont know if ill ever plant bush beans again.

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RuthieG__TX(z8 TX)

Well I have to agree about the bush beans...they are such a pain to pick compared to the pole beans...I may never grow them again either..

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I planted my rattlesnake beans one week ago and they are already 2 inches tall. I am looking forward to growing and eating these beans.


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I'm planning on trying Rattlesnake's next year. I already have the seeds for it. I have to admit that it was the purple speckles on the beans that got me hooked. I'm glad to read they're prolific & tasty. I was glad to read that Cherokee Trail of Tears does well in many environments too. I'm trying the Cherokee Trail of Tears this year.

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Huh. My rattlesnakes are NOT doing too well. They've grown, they've climbed, they've flowered...but I've had one pod so far. My beans from Native Seed Search (can't remember the variety I'm growing) are much more lush than the rattlesnakes, they too are flowering like mad, but no pods. Maybe its too hot(108 lately)?? Too dry (no humidity here)?? I've got tons of pollinators, so I'm sure that's not the problem.

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jimster(z7a MA)

Heat can inhibit pollination of many plants. That would be my guess as to the problem with beans at 108°F. I hope you get some cooler days.


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