asiatic lillies - rebloom?

bobby1973July 23, 2006

hi all, i planted a bed of asiatic lilly bulbs last fall ('05') and they successfully bloomed about 1 month ago. but the blooms only lasted about 2 weeks before the flower petals started falling off to the ground. is 2 weeks the usual run for asiatics? doesn't seem like much of a bloom period considering how long i had to wait for the stems & foliage to pop up and establish their buds. interesting thing though - after the flower petals dropped about 2 weeks ago, i left the foliage there standing so that they could transfer sufficient energy back down to their bulbs. i figured i would just cut them down to the ground once they started yellowing. but i just took a close looks at them, and it appears that they're all forming buds again! do asiatic lillies typically bloom more than once a season? i'd certainly be delighted:)

thanks so much!


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northspruce(z3a MB CDA)

Hi Bobby, no Asiatics do not rebloom, and yes 2 weeks is a pretty reasonable bloom period for them. Most gardeners who love lilies will plant several different varieties with different bloom periods to make sure there's something to look at for a long time. When you buy lily bulbs if you see designations of 'E', 'MS' or 'L' that tells you they bloom either Early, Mid-Season, or Late.

I suspect what you're seeing that looks like new buds forming are actually seed pods developing (sorry). You can trim them off to divert even more energy into the bulb for next year. What you have done by leaving the stems and leaves alone is the right thing. You should leave them until early winter when they will go brown and dry and are easy to cut off.

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ok, thanks so much for your thoughtful response!

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