Oriental Lily Pics

timberohio(6)July 30, 2008

I'm really new to the Orientals. I purchased Lovely Girl last year and didn't care for it. It bloomed like a trumpet. Didn't open up and faced downward. Well totally different story this year. Bloomed upright and huge. I am now hooked on the Orientals.

The first Pic is Lovely Girl followed by some of my purchases so far this year.


White Stargazer (this is the name it was sold to me under. Not sure there is such a thing)

Bargain of the year is Bamako Oriental Hybrid. A big box store had 5 blooming lilies in a 2 gallon pot. One of the lilies was broke off and one was leaning. Talked to the manager and he gave me the $15.00 pot of Lilies for $5. Great Bargain and beautiful. Can't find any information on it though.

Hope you enjoy,


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Enjoyed your pics, thanks for sharing. This forum is not as popular as the daylily forum, but I almost prefer the orientals, each is effective in its own way though.

Your Bamako looks a lot like my Color Parade, posted some pics on that, have seen much the same under other names, so names may be proprietary or hard to tell. Mine does turn more from pink tones to lavender after it's been open a few days. In some ways I like yours a little better if the colors are true. My first blooms are huge on 1' stems, and even though very attention grabbing, am hoping in future years it will have more blooms of a size more like yours. Still, I suspect yours is a little different, and a lot can depend on the soil, climate, growing conditions and what you feed/don't feed.

The only one we have in common is Stargazer. There is a reverse coloring of SG, but I haven't heard of a totally white one, don't think I've seen any like that for SG but certainly many whites.

One thing I have noticed for sure, especially with roses, is that just because they are sold under the same name, often tradmarked, they aren't necessary identical from vendor to vendor or grower to grower at all, sometimes you get what you thought you were getting; other times, disappointing.

I especially like your Lovely Girl; if I had any more room in full sun, I'd seek that one out next.

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philomena(z 5A NY)

I initially thought your White Stargazer was really a Casablanca, but I searched around on Google and found enough hits that it seems White Stargazer is the actual name of a variety. I saw one entry that described the main difference between the 2 lilies was size, that Casablanca was the larger plant. What you have is gorgeous !

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Aliska upon further inspection of the tag that came with the plant there is an "R" with a circle around it after the Bamako name. So Bamako is a registered trademark? Not the name of the Lily? Orientals are definitely a lot more confusing than the day lilies. But, I love the smell and how big they are.

My Pink SG was only 1' tall and had 3 huge blooms. But this was the first year and I am hoping it improves next year. I know it won't get much taller I just hope I have more blooms.

I really lucked into the Bamako they have to be older bulbs to have so many blooms. I'll leave them in the pot I bought them in until they die back this year then I'll get them in the ground.

I did see your pictures of Color parade. They are very similar. The colors in the picture of Bamako are true and after a few days it gets more pale almost white before the petals fall.

Philomena, my white SG is short like the pink SG. I also found today on Michigan Bulbs Website that they have it listed as Snow Princess Stargazer Lily.

Wish there was a database for Orientals like there is for Day lilies. It would be nice to have a list of all the Orientals that are out there.

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Orientals are definitely a lot more confusing than the day lilies.

You must be kidding. There are more than 60,000 registed Daylily hybrids. Every year more than 1000 new hybrids got registered. It is much more difficult to hybridize true Lilies, so only several hundreds hybrids of Oriental Lilies exist.

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buyorsell888(Zone 8 Portland OR)

White Stargazers are much shorter and smaller blooming than Casablanca. Used to use them all the time when I was a florist.

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timberohio, wish there was a way to ping posters here and glad I checked back, sometimes I forget where I posted unless I started it.

I think the means that it has a registered patent which means you can't propagate or sell it but not sure and that Bamako is the true and correct name, somebody evidently hybridized it. I'm not positive though. The daylily people may be able to shed more light on that; I only understand it as it applies to patented roses. But the way lilies divide and get too thick, I don't think it would be unethical to dig some up and replant them in your own garden. I don't know about giving away, but what else can you do if you get too many for yourself? I sure wouldn't throw them away if someone wanted them.

From your description of how the blooms progress, it definitely can't be the same as my CP which now has completely lavender edges, no pink at all, but maybe it will perform a little differently next year, still think I'm going to be quite happy with the CP if they are healthy, but if I did over would rather have the Bamako. You did luck out for sure! If they cost more, I just start with fewer.

Didn't know there was a pink stargazer, interesting, and there definitely is a white one; from the discussion I believe yours is SG and not Casablanca. Unless I go nutzo over any more like the yellow/white the op posted, I don't have room for many more, if any. So too many divisions, and I'll be trying to give a lot away, no need now.

I successfully transplanted my stargazers I grew in a 5 gal pot the first season (earlier order had gone straight into the ground), the potted one bloomed just a bit later this year, after the foliage died back in early fall last year so you have a good plan on that. I made sure to get as many of the roots and spread out when replanted as I could, found a better spot for them sunwise, but packed them too close together so may have to dig them up again, depends on what do about the roses on either side, am going to start culling some of mine out and shuffling some to different spots after my miserable time with Jap beetles, am not going through this nightmare for 6 weeks or more every summer, at least for as many roses as I've got going which is nothing compared to some.

These types of lilies sure like almost completely full sun which is at a premium around here. Only have a few that don't lean, some only a little, some way too much so I have to stake many just for that, don't bother with all, let them lean.

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Alina, I guess I worded it wrong what I meant was there is a database for Day lilies which certainly makes it a lot easier when you have questions about a certain one.

Wish Orientals had a database that I could look up a name of one or the Hybridizer, or search by colors.

Aliska wonder if the patent expires like it does for roses? I haven't been able to locate Bamako anywhere online. Not even to get information on it.

I saw a Casablanca in bloom today and my white is not it. I was really thinking about getting Casablanca until I saw how tall it was in person, easily over 5 ft tall. Beautiful but very tall. I've seen a few Orientals I'd like to purchase But, it seems not one place has all the ones that I want and I would have to order from 3 different places. Wish I could find one source that carries all the ones I want. I hate paying shipping charges for 1 lily.

I wish I could grow roses. I've tried but they always look horrible. I either don't pay attention to them and the bugs and black spot leave them totally leafless or I pay to much attention to them and end up over fertilizing, over watering or nit picking every little bug or damaged leaf off of it. I do have Veterans Honor and Bronze Star that I bought earlier this spring. Both lost all their leaves after I transplanted from pots to the ground. They have just now grown them back and look healthy today. I'm sure by tomorrow some unknown ailment or bug will get them. :)

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philomena(z 5A NY)

I found this place by searching on 'Bamako lilium' - not sure why it didn't come up by just searching on 'Bamako' by itself.

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I guess I worded it wrong what I meant was there is a database for Day lilies

Not that I know of. Maybe someone on the daylily forum would know. There are thousands of them, and so many there are hybridizing their own (controlled cross pollination and growing from seed, amazing, one cross, 5 distinctly different lilies, one a real gem they want to register). I suppose you can do the same with orientals if you know how to do it and can get them to grow from seed and wait. About the only thing I know is to go to some of the better-known vendors' websites so you can get into their website and search their catalogs. Bet it came from the netherlands. I googled bamako +lily (to weed out the city, etc). But the web page is just a blank blue now. So I check the cached version. Same thing. So I guess we've hit a dead end. Hang onto that lily!

Google says Mak Breeding Lily Breeding Exclusive Cultivars for link, then "In almost all important lily groups like Orientals, Asiatics, LAs we can offer ... Ballroom (LA), Bamako (Pot OR), Belletti (AZ), Belo Horizonte (AZ) ...", that's all it will let me see, and the link being (no sense in posting it as useful, it's not useful to me). But IE7 isn't picking up some web pages for me now. So I don't know what's happened. The link is http://makbreeding.nl/en/ This is just a guess, but it may just be a batch that somebody imported and for one reason or another ended up where you bought it. I'm not an expert on this stuff. A little more detective work, which I'm too tired to do, may turn up more on makbreeding and who they are.

if the patent expires like it does for roses?

I'd have to be a patent attorney which I'm not to answer that precisely, but I would say yes, and I don't remember what the time limit is but there is one. Now if it isn't patented in the US, I don't know where that would put you. All I know is from a copyright infringement standpoint. Somebody in another country steals your work and uses it. Sometimes you can get them to take it down or cease and desist, but usually not. But it's still unethical imo. Same would apply to a patent no matter where, but who's going to enforce it? Maybe somebody somewhere would know more. I just pick up factoids and read what some have been through here and there.

I saw a Casablanca in bloom today and my white is not it.

Didn't think so but only because of what the other poster said. I thought having some really tall ones would be cool. So I got one kind, 3, first year they're 5', supposed to get over your head in time, plus they all lean, what else is new for me, only a few don't? Stargazers no matter what the variety stay a nice height.

Yeah, I can relate about ordering. That's why I put some on the back burner. But to get the ones you really want, that's what you have to do. One daylily site they run $45. Yikes. 'Spose if I wanted it badly enough I'd order one and pay the shipping, 'cuz that's the way I am, but then I don't buy something else. I don't expect one vendor to have all the things I want so just pay the shipping, goes with the territory. Sometimes I order something, pay everything, then they have a sale so I order more from the same place lol.

I've tried but they always look horrible

So do most of mine. After the Japanese beetle siege and realizing that if I want really pretty roses, I'm going to have to apray. And prune right. And winter protect right. My once bloomers I rooted, well they bloom once and are done, but are beautiful while they last, and I don't have to fuss over them at all, don't even have to water them after the first year. My others, I'm going to cull some out because they look terrible. The rose forums are an invaluable resource here. The really knowledgeable growers give them about three years. If they don't perform, they're history and they find something that will. Most of them live in warmer zones, and one in S CA where they don't have near the bugs and troubles I do. I have one rose that is barely holding its own but doing better since I started pampering it. So what do I see? One in the south growing up a tree with so many blooms, I swear it is mocking me lol. The same rose tops a beautiful pergola this gal and husband in KY built on a corner of their deck. It's gorgeous. When I catch up with her again, I'm going to ask her what on earth she does with THAT monster when the Jap beetles hit. They love mine, and it's only pink.

I'm sure by tomorrow some unknown ailment or bug will get them. :)

You've grown cynical just like me. Same here. So I have one pair of Austin roses that are perfect specimens, nothing bothers it, leaves don't get eaten, mites, all that. But that's the one the Jap beetles love the best. I swear, you can't win. But I'm too stubborn to give up, and people going by don't see all the defects anyway.

So there you have it. A non-expert, novice, lily newbie. That would be me :-). But I share what I've learned the hard way.

The plants that are causing me the least trouble, just wait lol, are the once-bloomer roses (and they do get leaf stuff but nice blooms before the worst hits), daylilies, orientals, some perennials and hostas.

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Philomena thanks for that link. It worked for me and I found some very useful information following some of the links on their website.

Aliska I appreciate any advice I can get when it comes to Lilies or Roses. Even the Non-expert Novice advice. It always helps to get different perspectives and ideas.

There is a Lily register for Asiatics, Oriental, etc. It is www.lilyregister.com. I did check it out and got lost. :) Not a lot of pictures, but, a lot of information about Lilies. Not that I understood half of it. But, if you hit home at the top of the Lily register page it takes you to a disscussion page.

I also found a link for Lily bulb and seed sources. www.lilies.org/sources.html

Still looking it to the patent thing. The Mak Breeding link that Philomena posted shows a few of the ones I've been wanting and they all have the R with the circle next to it. Not seeing that you can purchase anything from them just that they did the breeding. I don't recall seeing the circled r on any of the sites I was looking to purchase from though. I'll have to look more closely.

I hope the above links help.


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I do not think that a Lily database exist. I use Holland Lily growers' web sites for information about Lilies which are not very common. Here are some of my favorite sources:

Mondial Lelies. Information about color, height, breeder, bud count.
De Jong Lelies
Zabo plant

As for roses, I was brave this year and planted 7 roses. I try not to use harsh chemicals in my garden, so I chose some bullet proof varieties. I am quite happy with the result so far: no black spots, no powdery mildew. Some insects (not JB) munched on them and deer love to eat buds, but overall it was a successful experience. I will use some organic repellents next year. Double Knock Out is amazing: constantly in bloom and looks like a "real" rose.
I've never managed to find all Lilies I want at one place :( Probably, I spent a little fortune on shipping from different sellers.

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Duh. If only I'd clicked on philomena's link, that makbreeding page comes right up for me. Shows you why some searches work & others don't so well, will remember keyword lilium next time I search.

But the photo is not near as vibrant and pretty as yours imo. I wonder what happened? Their looks like a washed out pink. Maybe getting it in the ground or you have something really unusual there.

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