I'm after a lily with similar fragrance to the trumpet lily.

jumbojimmy(Australa)July 19, 2007

I don't like the smell of stargazer - it's too spicy. I really love the smell of christmas lillies, but I prefer a star shaped ones. Is there such thing?

Also, can you kindy describe the smell of the following lillies:

- Casablanca

- Muscadet

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hld6(z7 MD)

Casablanca and Muscadet are both Oriental Hybrid Lilies, like Stargazer, and so will have a similar fragrance.

I'm not sure what you mean by "christmas lilies". (Amaryllis perhaps?) A lot of flowers have the word "lily" appended to them that are not lilium. All true lilies have 6 petals, except the more recent double flowered (which have 12) so there are no star shaped ones.

The Easter Lily, Lilium Longiflorum, and its hybrids with Orientals, the LO's, such as Triumphator (among others) have a fairly strong scent but not as spicy as the Orientals. The smell seems a little "tropical". It's really quite pretty.

Actual Trumpet lilies such as Regale, Pink Perfection, Midnight, etc., have a very strong scent and are probably not what you are looking for.


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Jumbojimmy is from Australia. Depending whereabouts in Oz/NZ you come from Christmas Lily can refer to any of the white trumpets than bloom around mid-summer (regale, longiflorum, even formosanum).


As Helen says, look for things like Triumphator (commercially available here), or even some of the older Aurelian or Trumpet hybrids. Just remember that everyone's nose is different so (if you can) smell before you buy.

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