colorful oriental lilies bloom white

sunnytopJuly 3, 2012

Does anybody know what causes my colored oriental lilies to bloom white instead? I thought Bluestone had sent me the wrong color so they sent me replacement. After 3 years the Pink Perfection finally turned pink but each year is a different intensity of pink. Some years the whole bloom is pink and some years only the veins. The same thing is happening with a yellow oriental I planted last year. It came up white with a very faint hint of yellow on the edges.

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'Pink Perfection' is not an oriental but a trumpet lily - actually an Aurelian hybrid trumpet lily. There is a great deal of color variation with this particular lily grouping (Division 6) and those sold today are more correctly sold as the 'Pink Perfection Group' and colors range anywhere from a very pale, almost blush pink to a deep purplish-red.

If your other lilies are also Aurelian hybrids rather than orientals that could account for their color variability as well.

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You are right. My mistake. And yes, the ones that vary in color are the trumpet lilies. Thanks.

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